How to become a digital nomad – The ultimate beginner’s guide

How to become a digital nomad

Becoming a digital nomad means understanding the digital nomad lifestyle

Do you enjoy working remotely and travelling wherever you want to?

Do you want to be location independent and not having to travel to your workplace every day?

Do you enjoy working from the comfort of your home on a computer or mobile device online?

If you’ve answered all the above questions with yes, then you’re the right candidate to becoming a digital nomad. A digital nomad is one who is location independent and is free to travel around the world, only relying on the internet and mobile phone or laptop. Digital nomads are those that make use of the internet in all its various capacities to earn a living to support their nomadic lifestyle.

As a digital nomad, you have the option to work for yourself as a freelancer or to work with a company offering you all communications and tasks to be done online. They remotely work from their homes, coffee shops, co-working spaces, and anywhere you can find a good internet connection and space to work.

So, what does it take to become a digital nomad you ask?

5 important steps to becoming a digital nomad

Whether you already have a successful career or you’re just about to leave school, to become a successful digital nomad there are some things you would need to put in place such as:

  1. Reduce and Eliminate Expenses

    The fact that people need paychecks to pay their monthly bills and fulfil some obligations, as a digital nomad who travels far and wide you would need to rethink how you live your life. Do you need a permanent place to live? Do you need lots of material things?

    Cut down on some expenses that are not necessary such as high rents, subscriptions you’re not using like your local gym, mobile contracts etc. You need to eliminate as many of your costs as possible so you can focus on investing in your online business. If you decide to lead a nomadic lifestyle, then sell most of your things you won’t need anymore. All you need at the beginning is a high-quality laptop and smartphone and some online subscriptions that are useful for your work. Eliminate any other outrageous bills that you have because when you are on the move those bills would weigh you down.

    See how digital nomad #1, Fernando Raymond, lives the digital nomad lifestyle on his nomad blog or read our digital nomad lifestyle guide here.


  2. Develop or utilize skills you need to be a digital nomad

    If you work remotely, you need skills that will help you earn online as a digital nomad. When you don’t have online skills and an avenue for earning income passively, you won’t be able to make a living online as using a computer and the internet is vital. Clearly, the work opportunities the world wide web offers are almost limitless. However, you will have to reflect on your strengths, your current skill set and what you feel it is you want to do in the future.

    Depending on your interests, you can start working online in almost any niche as most businesses now operate online too. If you’re more of a creative, you could move into the field of photography or web design. If you’re more of an analyst, you could train to become an SEO expert or data analyst. You can advertise your online services on sites like Upwork, Fiver, Freelancer and many others to get started.

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    One of the best ways, however, is to build up your own online presence and start a blog. No matter what you end up doing, you can share your expertise and knowledge with your audience here. A simple blog can turn into an online business and generate a high income, just see some examples in our successful websites turning over the millions article.  There are so many ways you can make money online and even earn a passive income. But learning the digital skills required is an important step to take.


  3. Decide on a travel destination

    As a digital nomad, your world is an oyster. Where would you like to travel and live? With so many things to put into consideration such as the cost of living, safety, and security and planning your budget to match with your expected expenses, you should perhaps lay out a travel itinerary. Read our digital nomad travel guide for some inspiration or check some of these digital nomad traveller sites such as Nomadic List and Momondo. Be sure to do a lot of research before heading out so you don’t get caught unaware.

  4. Set nomad goals and create a plan

    As a digital nomad, it is very important to set goals and make plans. You will have to develop your own routine or else you are very likely to become unproductive. But most of all, you should have a game plan. You need to figure where you would be travelling, how long you will travel for, and what work you will do while you are abroad and set a plan towards achieving it. Ideally, your itinerary should work in your business favour. Meaning, the places you travel should provide you with either low living cost and expenses or great work opportunities with a good return. This way you can lead a digital nomad lifestyle while building your online business at the same time.

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  5. Join a digital nomad community

    couchsurfing - digital nomad communityJoining a digital nomad community is one of the final steps in becoming a digital nomad. The best way to get into the lifestyle is mingling with those already living the digital nomadic lifestyle.  There are different digital nomad communities such as Couch Surfing where you would meet people living by travelling and working online, you could learn a thing or two from what they have to say and help you out in tough situations, sharing their advice and experiences.

    Many more digital nomad communities are growing all over the globe just like the digital tribe.

Coworking for digital nomads

The number of digital nomads is on the rise. Digital nomads also do work in co-working spaces, amongst other location options for them the co-working spaces are one of the best because of the amenities available to them.

Digital nomads can take advantage of the shared co-working spaces because they have amenities such as printing facilities, coffee, fast internet and also networking opportunities and an office-like environment but without distractions, encouraging more productivity.

Digital nomad lifestyle - CoworkingAs a digital nomad, if you are looking for a co-working space there are various things to look out for such as the community as a whole. A good co-working space will bring about a sense of community to an extent, it will promote collaborations between digital nomads and host events that will help you in your career. Also, you should ensure that the community managers run the space well.

Another thing you should consider when choosing a co-working space is the location. You should choose one that will be easy to get to and convenient. You should also consider a co-working space that offers various offices in different locations and once you’re a member you can use their facilities wherever you go. You can also look for co-working spaces that offer shared memberships with other co-working spaces, so you can utilize your membership in other locations for the ultimate flexibility.

Always be on the lookout for the amenities you need in these spaces, they should have fast internet, free unlimited snacks or drinks, comfy workspaces and fitness and entertainment facilities. All these depend on what you are looking for.

To get some inspiration for co-working spaces, check our co-working spaces guides in the UK and specifically for London. And see how the #1 London SEO consultant and digital nomad Fernando rated his co-working experience at the Collective in Canary Wharf here.

Travelling as a digital nomad

While travelling as a digital nomad, there are some tips you should have in mind such as:

  1. Start with short vacations

    When you start with shorter vacations it’s just a way for you to test run and know how well you can be productive while on a vacation. So, your focus should be on being more creative rather than vacationing, as this will help you know if you have the motivation to work as a digital nomad. Being a digital nomad doesn’t mean you are a full-time traveller but rather a part-time worker and a part-time traveller. Ideally, your travels give your online work a boost, e.g. you share your experiences on social media and gain more followers.

  2. Have a steady income

    There are several ways in which you can make money online as a digital nomad. There are various digital jobs to do, you can make money either passively, where you have to work a few hours per day or activity where you trade your time for money such as freelance writing.

  3. Finances and Insurance

    As a digital nomad traveller, you have to have your finances and insurance in order. While travelling as a digital nomad this is one thing you should put into consideration, make sure your debts are limited and your source of income is steady plus your insurance is all in place.

  4. Suitcase

    Travelling as a digital nomad you have to learn how to live off a suitcase, all you need is always in your suitcase. Since it’s really expensive to move around with all of your belongings, you have to minimize what you carry about as a digital nomad.

  5. Stick to one place for a while

    Travelling as a digital nomad you should stick to staying at a place for several months because it can be quite tiring with all the constant travelling. You can stick to an area and know if you like the area, and also if you want to continue with the nomadic lifestyle.

How much will it cost to travel as a digital nomad?

The cost of travelling is based on the country you are going to, some have a high cost of living while some have a low cost of living. The places that have a low cost of living is within South East Asia, the countries here have a really low cost of living and you can be there and still be charging your dollar or euros online and depending on where you are, you can make more money when the dollar is exchanged. Staying in one place would make you spend less unlike when you are travelling around. Create a realistic budget and work towards it, if you need to invest more time to work and double your hustle to meet up then you should.

Jobs for a digital nomad

  1. SEO Specialist

    One of the jobs you can do as a digital nomad is to become a Search Engine Optimization specialist, this skill is vital to a business’s success. Skilled SEO experts are really valuable in the digital world today, they work on your website and make sure it has frequently searched keywords and leads to more audience and sales.

    To learn more on SE0 see:  Seo Training Course

  2. Affiliate Marketing

    As a digital nomad, you can decide to become an affiliate marketer. An affiliate marketer is one who refers customers to a certain product or service and gets a commission every time sales are made on that customer. As an affiliate marketer, you are more like an agent.

  3. Social media manager

    This is also a job you can find yourself doing as a digital nomad as it involves you working online. Big companies often hire their social media personnel to work for them or online marketing agencies whereas small companies often hire freelance social media managers to help them grow online and take care of their accounts. As a social media manager, you might be required to design social media strategy, create content and posts, create graphics or outsource for them, respond to messages and comments to keep a good relationship.

  4. Virtual Assistant

    A virtual assistant is just like a personal assistant, but you get to work remotely from the comfort of your home without having to report anywhere.

Skills needed to become a digital nomad

To gain digits skills as a digital nomad you can check out the fantastic e-learning platform

There are digital courses such as Google AdWords, digital marketing, blog profit blueprint, SEO training courses, and others. As a digital nomad, you are to gain some digital skills to help you survive in the digital world and bring income for you.

Some of the digital skills a digital nomad should get are:

  1. Digital marketing
  2. Freelance content writing
  3. Blogging
  4. Creative designing
  5. SEO skills

Then the skills you need to have as a person to survive travelling around as a digital nomad, they are as follows:

  1. . Self Confidence
  2. Self-discipline
  3. Work ethic
  4. Relentless optimism
  5. Strong preparation and planning
  6. Proactive nature
  7. Calm and patience

Fernando Raymond is a digital nomad and the owner of ClickDo and Seekahost. He blogs about his daily digital nomad lifestyle on his blog, on how he lives his life as a digital nomad.

Digital nomad - Fernando Raymond

Fernando lives a digital nomad life by travelling around the world and working online as a blogger, SEO consultant and offering online courses. This way he is not location dependent, he can travel around the world and can work from anywhere, all he needs is just the internet connection.

In both of his companies (ClickDo and SeekaHost), he has employed remote workers from about three continents and plans on hiring more, this way getting more digital nomads to join the digital tribe. He does online marketing both for his businesses and his clients and has been doing it for about 6 years, showing that this can turn into a long-term career if you’re truly passionate and hard-working.

Are you ready to become a digital nomad?

Now that you know what it takes to become a digital nomad and the various ways you can make money online and grow your online business, are you ready to take the first steps?

If you’re certain that you want to lead a nomadic lifestyle or prefer working remotely, then go ahead and learn those digital skills today and sign up to SeekaHost University.

Then head over to SeekaHost and set up your own web presence to kick-start your first online business.

Don’t overthink it, just do it! The beauty of building an online business is that it’s flexible, interchangeable and never stands still – just like a digital nomad.

Find more facts and tips about the digital nomad lifestyle here. Good luck!