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  • Common SEO Mistakes
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  • Final Words
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Choosing a Niche

Pick What You Love

Picking a niche is an important part of making money online. You need to pick the right one. Unfortunately, many people spend too much time on this part. I’ve seen people doing vigorous amounts of research trying to choose the right niche to go into.

In this chapter, I will be showing you a very quick way of choosing a niche.

NOTE: In this course, I will be going by definitions which I make up for a particular word. When I give you the meaning of something it could be a different understanding when you look it up in a dictionary.

What is a niche?

A niche is simply a portion of a market. For example, the fitness industry, it’s an entire industry/market which encompasses a lot such as:

-Basketball etc.

Another example could be the Geek market which encompasses many niches such as:

-Live TV shows
-Individual games like World Of Warcraft
-Individual anime like Dragon Ball
-Individual TV shows and you get the picture.

So how do you choose a niche?

I want you to list down all your passions, hobbies, and things that you generally do for fun.

My list would look something like this…

-Watching anime
-Reading manga
-Eating healthy
-Playing video games

This list can be as big as you want. The bigger the better.

After you’ve written out the list of what you do for fun. I want you to number them. This number will be from 1 to 10 and will represent how much you’d like to create content around these topics.

1=Awful! I hate this topic
10=Amazing! This is the best thing ever!

My list would look something like this…

-Watching anime = 9
-Reading manga = 7
-Working-out = 8
-Eating healthy = 7
-Playing video games = 9

The reason behind doing this exercise is to make sure you go into a niche that you really like because you’ll be creating a lot of content.

Don’t pick a niche that you know nothing about or have no interest in. I remember when I created a nail website because I thought I could make some money from it. That was a huge mistake!

Creating content around nails was mind numbing for me and because I knew nothing about nails I did a lot of research. Now I know what acrylic nails are, I know all about the hot trends like shattered glass nail designs and all sorts of nail beauty stuff.

I forced myself to work tirelessly on this website and put hundreds of hours in, maybe even thousands of hours in.

Do you know how much money I got out of that nail website? $0 because I failed to carry out the next part.