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  • Video playback problems

    The most common solution to video playback problems is to make sure your browser is updated, and you've cleared your cache. If this does not solve the problem, please be as descriptive as possible including error messages or a screenshot to help us diagnose and solve the issue. To learn how to take a screenshot, Click here

  • Certificates and accreditation

    What is the issue or question you have regarding your certificate of completion?
    Wrong name or language: certificates of completion are generated using the name and language that is currently entered for your account. If you need to change the certificate’s name or language, however, you can quickly do so by following the steps outlined in this Click here.

    The certificate isn’t appearing: In order to receive your certificate, each curriculum item must be marked as complete. For steps on how to manually mark a lecture as complete, please Click here.

    Accreditation: Clickdo Academy is not an accredited institution, and as a result, the certificates cannot be used for formal accreditation.

    For more information on Clickdo Academy certificates of completion please Click here.

  • Issues contacting the Instructor

    What is the issue or question you have regarding your certificate of completion?
    The course instructor can answer any question you might have about the course content or external materials hosted outside of Clickdo Academy. Please Click here to learn how to contact the instructor.

  • Posting questions or reviews in a course

    For instructions on how to post questions Click here For instructions on posting a review Click here

  • Merge accounts

    If you've accidentally created two accounts we can merge your accounts together. Please be sure to indicate which account email you want to be the primary account, and which account you would like removed.

  • I want to close my account

    For security purposes, we are not authorized to close your account for you; this action must be performed by the account holder. Please note that closing your account will permanently remove you from your enrolled courses, and access to your account and purchased courses cannot be restored. This action can only be done from the website and not from the Udemy mobile app. For more information on how to close your account, please review this article.

  • Signup or login issues

    If you’re seeing "Requested content cannot be loaded" when you try to login, please try another browser, or click into any course and click "Login" from there. Please be sure to login using the same method you used to sign up.

  • Change account settings (privacy notifications etc)

    If you would like to review or change your account settings, please click here.

  • Change profile info (name email etc)

    Change profile info (name email etc) click here.

  • Refund one course

    We're sorry you are unhappy with your course and would like a refund. To help us process your request immediately, please include a reason and the link or URL of the course you want to refund.

  • Refund multiple courses

    We're sorry you are unhappy with your course and would like a refund. To help us process your request as quickly as possible, please include all the links or URLs of the courses you want to refund.

  • Submit a partial refund request

    I found a better code: If you purchased your course within the last 30 days and found a discount for the same course at a lower price, we will honour the new price and partially refund your purchase. Please provide details regarding your partial refund request, and attach any receipts or documentation to help us process your request.

    I was charged the wrong amount: If you believe you were overcharged for a course, and are requesting a price adjustment, then please send us any receipts or documentation to help us understand the error.

    If you’ve already submitted a request for a refund, and have a question about your refund status, please review our Refund Status: Common Questions Article.

  • My course was removed

    We apologize for the inconvenience.

    From time to time, we may need to remove a course that is not in compliance with Udemy's terms and conditions, our Trust and Safety policies or the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. To protect the privacy of our instructors, we cannot share the specific details as to why a course was removed.

    If your course was removed please continue to the contact form below to request a refund.

  • Feedback & feature requests

    Please note this is not the correct channel to submit a ticket if you have a question or require assistance. This channel is exclusively for feedback and ideas. If you require assistance, please click back and choose an appropriate topic that you need help with.

    If you have feedback about what's working or what we can do better at Udemy, however, we'd love to see it here! We're always working on improving the Udemy experience, and are excited to hear your feedback and ideas.

  • Something else

    By going through the choices in our contact form, we will be able to ask you the relevant questions that will help us assist you much faster. Please note that by choosing "Something else" it may take us longer to resolve your issue.