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Blog concept with wooden worktable and supplies.

Countless people aspire to be a good blogger and make money online. Numerous individuals have attempted blog writing and unfortunately, some blogs have disappeared into nowhere with little to no results.

It just leaves many people disheartened. However, if you are someone who is into and passionate about blog writing and wishes to become a good blogger earning a living with it, firstly need to know the way in which you can write top quality blogs. This entails knowing the tips and tricks of how to write blogs which are of the finest quality and have all the characteristics which should be present in a perfect blog.

Whenever you intend on writing a blog, the best way to go about that is through applying the tips and tricks which will aid in making your blogs stand out. So, check the following points out and test them:

1- Start off with the description of your objective.

This one says that you must start off with a ‘’Why’’. Why you’re doing the blog, and what is the purpose of the blog. So the introduction should always be a description of the purpose of the blog. To make it short, you must shed light on the topic of the blog in the very initial phase.


2- Only write about the things you have knowledge of.

Many bloggers nowadays write about topics they have little to NO knowledge of their own. They tend to use online information sources to gather some bits about the topic that they might be talking about.


For example, XYZ wants to talk about ‘’How to improve health’’, but they do not know much about how to do it firsthand or what is beneficial for health and what isn’t. Their written content can be perceived as unauthentic or inaccurate. Because of that, they may not build and grow a readership based on trust.

Sometimes, the information you are gathering from external sources might not be genuine which might end up back-firing. Therefore, the best thing is to save yourself from the embarrassment and be sure to talk about the topics that you can yourself talk about from experience and self-study.
NOTE: This does not necessarily mean you cut-off the external sources for information but having the basic know-how will be helpful for you in understanding and analyzing the gathered information.


3- It must be comprehensive.

Blogs are supposed to be all clear and understandable. Whatever you intend on describing in your blog, must be clear so every person can read it without any difficulties. Ideally, you should create an avatar for your target readers, so you have an idea about who you’re writing for.


4- You must avoid grammatical mistakes.

Spelling mistakes, the use of slangs, going wrong with grammar and more are things which might be acceptable when you are chatting with someone. These things might go unnoticed in such cases but when it comes to writing an actual blog, you cannot expect yourself to make these mistakes and go unobserved. These mistakes are one of the things which will make your blog look super unattractive. You MUST try to avoid them as much as you can. Moreover, you can also use a grammar checking tool to help you with it and to save your time. Which one? Learn more below.



Although there is a long list of tools you can use to write top-quality blogs on WordPress, the one that has been mentioned below is considered to be amongst the most popular. See the reasons in the text present below:


Prepostseo Grammar Checker:

This grammar checking tool is three in one. It is your writing mentor, as well as a grammar checker, and yes, a style editor as well. Grammatical correction is something that this tool is a pro at, but along with that, this tool gives you a suggestion of countless ways in which you can improve your readability.

Sometimes, you might produce grammatically absolutely correct sentences, but your writing might be all awkward and you might have repeated the same thing again and again, making it look all clumsy and uninteresting. This tool does not only highlight the spelling or grammar mistakes, but it goes through your complete blog article to raise those repetitive words and sentences that are too complicated to understand, imperfect words that can be replaced with better wording and so much more. Adding relevant keywords will help your article rank better on search engines, so learn to create SEO-friendly copy.

Your grammar mistakes, your repeated words, your sentence lengths, the pronouns that you have used, the complex words that you have put into your blog, plagiarism and so much more is covered in the final grammar check report. There are three versions of this tool: One is free, allowing up to 19 writing reports and the other two are the paid versions, allowing 25 writing reports.

Following our top tips to write outstanding blog articles together with the use of a tool highlighting your grammatical mistakes, suggesting different writing styles and helping you improve your online content, your blog will surely gather the attention of many more readers who will not skip in the middle, but read it all the way.

For more in-depth blogging support, take our blogging course or our SEO-friendly content writing course.

How One Website Can Turn Around Millions to Billions

Website that are making billions

Martin Lewis is one of the most trusted financial experts in the UK, says a December 2019 report in The Guardian. People trust his advice on how to save their hard-earned cash and actively crave his counsel through phone-ins and other means.

The Money Saving Expert Goes Online

The Money Saving Expert’s Money Tips, a weekly newsletter that Lewis still actively supervises, goes out to 13 million subscribers every Tuesday night. It is full of words with no frills in the form of photos or any other visual relief.

It had started as an email Lewis, better known today as the Money Saving Expert, used to write to his friends. The newsletter retains that simplicity. However, that does not compromise its popularity one little bit like the tips available are incredibly varied and concrete.

From tips on how to get a cheaper meal at McDonald’s or Nando’s to codes for discounted access to airport lounges, saver deals on broadbands and free radiator heat-reflector pad offers – the newsletter has it all, says The Guardian report.

TheMoneySavingExpert.com is a website that Lewis had founded in 2003 for a mere £80, says a 2015 report in The Telegraph. He sold it for an impressive £87 million in 2012 to MoneySupermarket, a price-comparison firm. This gave him a return of £35 million in cash, £27 million promised in the form of future payments, and an ‘earn-out’ share option. Not bad for an affordable investment of £80!

However, he invested a lot of time – he has since cut down his 90 hours a week to about 50-60 hours weekly now. He has relinquished the charge of editor-in-chief to Marcus Herbert, but Lewis still supervises every newsletter meticulously.

This website is one of the 100 most popular websites in Britain, with 16 million visitors every month, informs The Guardian. The Martin Lewis Money Show on ITV attracts an average of about four million viewers on a regular basis.

How Lewis Built an Empire Through his Website


He truly practices what he preaches on his website. That is what comes through from every single media report about this man. He still does not spend £2.50 for a can of Diet Coke if he can buy it for £1.50 somewhere else.

The Money Saving Expert actually cares about saving money and he doles out his expert advice with sincerity and honesty. He stepped in as a practical advisor at a time of real crisis, offering concrete suggestions that people can actually implement. Meaning, his website offers good, well-researched and useful advice that people appreciate, especially at times that are financially challenging.

This is the backdrop against which Lewis rose to fame.

He gave people hope that they can still control their finances and life. Not by cutting down on spending, but by using the modern financial system’s functioning to one’s advantage. Understand the system and use it to get the best deals: that’s what Lewis helps people achieve with his expertise.

Lewis has further deepened people’s trust by supporting finance charities and founding a school framework to address issues of financial insecurity and mental health.

Lewis is Not the Only One

He really isn’t, when it comes to making money online. The MoneySavingExpert.com site has made Lewis a very rich man because of his advice on saving money works. However, there are other real-life examples of becoming rich through websites that individuals launched for themselves, using their own investment and initiative.


IncomeDiary - how to make money online

Michael Dunlop, the founder of IncomeDiary.com, a Brighton-based website that advises people on how to make money online, acknowledges in one of his posts that he has monetized his blog by selling online courses, software, and others’ products as an affiliate.

Dunlop’s advice is that the best way to start monetising a website is to sell other people’s products, but not in an obviously promotional manner. He cites the example of a photography website, which can recommend good cameras and other photographic equipment to earn a commission.

However, the reviews need to be honest and the commission acknowledged, insists Dunlop. Affiliate marketing is different from selling advertisements, he stresses.


savethestudent - earning money onlinePublishing sponsored posts on your website is another way of earning money, says savethestudent.org, one of UK’s most popular student finance websites with more than two million visitors a month.

Both IncomeDiary and SaveTheStudent emphasise email marketing options. Creating an exhaustive email list and promoting/selling products through emails is another way of earning money online, say both these sites.


rob berger dough roller

DoughRoller founder Rob Berger, whose declared aim is to help people achieve financial independence, talks about five live examples of making money through one’s website in a December 2019 post. He starts with the art of Non-Conformity founded and headed by Chris Guillebeau.

Guillebeau has built a business selling products that he creates himself, says Berger. Mostly e-books with concrete information and how-to guides that impart practical tips. Berger goes on to name two other websites that earn money purely by acting as affiliates of other people’s products:

  • Prepaid Review, and
  • Coolest Gadgets.

Berger also mentions Digital Photograph School, which both functions as an Amazon Affiliate, and sells its own products. The founder, Darren Rowse, has managed to turn his hobby of photography into his livelihood with a plomb.

The Key Points

It is possible to keep on citing many more examples. However, it is more important to cull out the main points that emerge from these examples:

  • It is entirely possible to monetise your website to an extent that it takes care of your livelihood needs and more.
  • You can do that by both selling your own products and services, and/or becoming an affiliate selling other people’s products and services.
  • The bottom line is being honest in your advice, reviews, promotions and whatever else it is that you focus on in your website. From Lewis to Dunlop and Berger – everyone has started building a website based on their passion and expertise.

The Precondition

Yes, there is one – You need a website!

You surely have the most creative ideas about how to present what you want to wow your visitors with. For the website set-up, design and marketing that will facilitate your presentation and success, do the following to get started:

Linking up with the SeekaHoster community and other digital entrepreneurs will be a bonus that you will be more than happy with so set up a profile on https://www.digitaltribe.net.

Build that online empire now and rake in the rewards in a few years’ time ready to retire.

SeekaHost University acquires ClickDo Academy – e-learning merges with web hosting


E-Learning certainly is the future, especially for anyone willing to acquire digital skills.

As a world class web hosting services provider, SeekaHost is constantly working on improving and extending what they can offer to their customers.

While providing a broad range of competitive web hosting packages and plans like WordPress Web Hosting and many more, SeekaHost is on a mission to enable every human on this planet to gain access to the online world by either building their own online presence or being able to learn digital skills to work online.

Why learn digital skills these days?

Everyday people are using the internet to find information. Worldwide this amounts to nearly 60% – more than half or the world’s population are making use of the world wide web in 2019, see the statistics in more detail in the featured chart. Statistics on internet use worldwide in 2019

This trend is only growing and every year more people gain online access. This also means that more people are getting online building their own blogs and websites and SeekaHost proudly hosts them to encourage this development. We are often asked how to learn digital marketing in a flexible manner at home with regards to how to start a blog, ways to improve blog traffic and more. So, in addition to offering personal web hosting services for newbie bloggers, we thought it would benefit all SeekaHosters to learn about how to do SEO for their blogs, how to write SEO-friendly content and much more. Because making money online clearly offers many opportunities in the future and SeekaHost are working hard to enable every person to enter this thriving market.

What if you were already signed up to the ClickDo Academy to learn digital skills?

First of all: congratulations on making the decision to learn digital skills! You’re one step closer to your goal of entering the digital world and accessing the online market. You might have already learnt some useful skills, but if you want to still study more or haven’t completed a course yet, do not worry!

As a former ClickDo Academy student you should have received an email with all the relevant information and login details to continue to access your purchased courses, which can now be found on the recently launched SeekaHost University platform. But should you still have questions, just contact our technical support and they will help you.

There are constantly more courses added, so have a look regularly and remain up to date.

What’s different about SeekaHost University and why should you sign up?

The reason why SeekaHost has acquired ClickDo Academy is that as a web hosting provider, SeekaHost can give anyone access to the online world by registering their domain and hosting their website for as little as $2,49 per month! However, the next step then is to build that website or blog, have it designed, market it and generate traffic to it for it to be visible online.

SeekaHost University offering vital digital skills to help customers

That’s where SeekaHost wants to help: we don’t just leave you hanging!

With our unique SeekaHost University you will have exclusive access to premium digital marketing courses that will give you answers to all your questions surrounding creating and managing that perfect web presence, bringing in returns for your hard work. We know that the online world is becoming increasingly complex and competitive. This is why we want our customers to be ahead of the game, by learning digital cyber skills that matter like

  • How to find and register best domain names
  • How to start a blog
  • Smart blogging
  • How to create a great website
  • Content creation and online marketing techniques
  • Knowledge to implement SEO on blogs and websites
  • Google AdWords Campaigns Creation
  • Facebook Advertising and Remarketing
  • and many more!

All these courses are designed to give you the best start with your online venture that you host with SeekaHost. We want to ensure that your hosted website is an online success and that’s why the SeekaHost University and our SeekaHost blog delivers fantastic insights from our ClickDo digital marketing experts. To have SeekaHost as a one-stop-shop for all your needs regarding your online presence is our ultimate goal, to make managing your web presence as smooth as possible.

Choose SeekaHost to become your partner for your online ventures, from registering your domain to achieving online success!