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SeekaHost University acquires ClickDo Academy – e-learning merges with web hosting


E-Learning certainly is the future, especially for anyone willing to acquire digital skills.

As a world class web hosting services provider, SeekaHost is constantly working on improving and extending what they can offer to their customers.

While providing a broad range of competitive web hosting packages and plans like WordPress Web Hosting and many more, SeekaHost is on a mission to enable every human on this planet to gain access to the online world by either building their own online presence or being able to learn digital skills to work online.

Why learn digital skills these days?

Everyday people are using the internet to find information. Worldwide this amounts to nearly 60% – more than half or the world’s population are making use of the world wide web in 2019, see the statistics in more detail in the featured chart. Statistics on internet use worldwide in 2019

This trend is only growing and every year more people gain online access. This also means that more people are getting online building their own blogs and websites and SeekaHost proudly hosts them to encourage this development. We are often asked how to learn digital marketing in a flexible manner at home with regards to how to start a blog, ways to improve blog traffic and more. So, in addition to offering personal web hosting services for newbie bloggers, we thought it would benefit all SeekaHosters to learn about how to do SEO for their blogs, how to write SEO-friendly content and much more. Because making money online clearly offers many opportunities in the future and SeekaHost are working hard to enable every person to enter this thriving market.

What if you were already signed up to the ClickDo Academy to learn digital skills?

First of all: congratulations on making the decision to learn digital skills! You’re one step closer to your goal of entering the digital world and accessing the online market. You might have already learnt some useful skills, but if you want to still study more or haven’t completed a course yet, do not worry!

As a former ClickDo Academy student you should have received an email with all the relevant information and login details to continue to access your purchased courses, which can now be found on the recently launched SeekaHost University platform. But should you still have questions, just contact our technical support and they will help you.

There are constantly more courses added, so have a look regularly and remain up to date.

What’s different about SeekaHost University and why should you sign up?

The reason why SeekaHost has acquired ClickDo Academy is that as a web hosting provider, SeekaHost can give anyone access to the online world by registering their domain and hosting their website for as little as $2,49 per month! However, the next step then is to build that website or blog, have it designed, market it and generate traffic to it for it to be visible online.

SeekaHost University offering vital digital skills to help customers

That’s where SeekaHost wants to help: we don’t just leave you hanging!

With our unique SeekaHost University you will have exclusive access to premium digital marketing courses that will give you answers to all your questions surrounding creating and managing that perfect web presence, bringing in returns for your hard work. We know that the online world is becoming increasingly complex and competitive. This is why we want our customers to be ahead of the game, by learning digital cyber skills that matter like

  • How to find and register best domain names
  • How to start a blog
  • Smart blogging
  • How to create a great website
  • Content creation and online marketing techniques
  • Knowledge to implement SEO on blogs and websites
  • Google AdWords Campaigns Creation
  • Facebook Advertising and Remarketing
  • and many more!

All these courses are designed to give you the best start with your online venture that you host with SeekaHost. We want to ensure that your hosted website is an online success and that’s why the SeekaHost University and our SeekaHost blog delivers fantastic insights from our ClickDo digital marketing experts. To have SeekaHost as a one-stop-shop for all your needs regarding your online presence is our ultimate goal, to make managing your web presence as smooth as possible.

Choose SeekaHost to become your partner for your online ventures, from registering your domain to achieving online success!