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Google AdWords for beginners a do-it-yourself guide to PPC Advertising


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Are you new to Google Ads? Are you in the mission to get started with the Google Ads to get more inquiries for your business or for your client’s business? Then you are in the right place and this course is absolutely for you!

Well, I’m Dinesh, Digital Strategy Consultant at ClickDo Ltd (UK). I help business people in the UK to get more leads for their business from Google through Google Ads. Remarketing & also via Organic SEO.  When it comes to Google Ads, I work with clients in multiple niches like rubbish clearance & cleaning niche, Orthodontist’s niche, Circumcision niche, Jewellery niche, Interior designing niche, Payroll services niche and many more. I have vast experience in suggesting the best digital marketing strategy based on the business niche by narrow targeting the audience set.

With all my past experience and with my success ratio’s in our client’s paid campaigns. I have put together my knowledge in Google Ads and have created the best Google Ads Course for the beginners. When it comes to Google Ads, the success of the campaign depends on many factors like the right audience target, choosing the right keyword match type, planning the budgets with the right bidding strategy and many more factors, So I have covered all these factors with live example in my Google Ads Course which is available now at SeekaHost University.

Below I have added some of the screenshots from the campaigns which i am running currently for our clients, This will give you a better idea on how you can make the most out of the Google Ads.

Jewellery niche google ads

This is the campaign data that belongs to one of our Jewellery niche clients in London. All these audiences were retargeted using the Facebook Remarketing ads as well.

Below is the campaign data which belongs to one of our Circumcision client in London,

Circumcision in London Google Ads

Since I have bought lots of quality traffic to the client’s site from Google through paid ads, this is how client reacted (refer below image)

client feedback for Google ads

From the below image, you can see how one of our Payroll Services client responded to their inquires that they have got from Google ads.

client feedback google ads

So if you are a business owner or even if you are new into the Digital Marketing field, Its always a good idea for you to get started with Google ads and flood your business with leads.

You can check out some of the case studies from the below links,

Circumcision in London – Google Ads

Orthodontist – Google Ads

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