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SEO Training in India: Learn Search Engine Optimization Skills for Free Online

SEO Training in India for free

Looking for SEO Training in India? – You can learn search engine optimization skills online for free at SeekaHost University.

The SEO training course is personally done by myself and I have been successfully doing search engine optimization since 2014, ranking hundreds of pages like this page https://www.clickdo.co.uk/seo-consultant/ on #1 for the term “SEO Consultant London” on search engines. I have been at the top of Google for over 3 years until I focused on managing and ranking SeekaHost.


In 2020 I also ranked another web page for SEO Consultant London with very minimal SEO work. So, I can assure you that anyone can learn the best SEO skills for free from the #1 SEO guy who knows how to rank and bank. Once you get into SEO, you will see the endless possibilities of using such vital digital skills for any website related work online. This is why I encourage everyone to learn SEO.

How to get SEO Training in India? 

There are many people offering SEO training and charging for it but not many of them do SEO in a manner to earn money. They are good at talking about SEO but not about making money doing SEO. There is no point of learning SEO by taking a training course from a company or provider who never really ranked for anything or do not have the year-long experience over at least 5 years facing and handling all the types of Google SEO updates.

Here at SeekaHost University, you can get the SEO training course for free and once you complete it successfully you will get an SEO certificate signed by me.


And then you can take the SEO Blueprint Training to learn advanced SEO skills such as client SEO where you will learn to earn money from SEO services. The 7th module shows how to monetise SEO skills and that is very important if you are taking an SEO training course in India.

As an Indian, you probably already know the basics of SEO, however with the course I have created you master the art of ranking a website in the most authentic and successful manner.

What do you need to learn SEO in India? 

All you need is a computer and an internet connection. You can also learn via the smartphone on the go as the video tutorials are presented to you step by step in shorter clips. Various SEO skills like on-page and off-page SEO as well as link building are taught in practical detail via on-screen recordings. However, it’s best you take the course on a laptop or desktop computer so you can take notes and ideally apply what you learn at the same time to your own work or projects. Simply watching the videos won’t make you an SEO expert. Applying and testing your own SEO work is vital to really develop SEO expertise.

How to take the SEO Training Course?

The best way is to watch each video and practice it then and there.

First, start with a website and start applying the On-Page SEO techniques to the website while you build it and then move to Off-Page SEO and start with link building.

You can also watch how I do it on our SeekaHost University YouTube channel:


I will be updating new videos each month and you can email me to learn more about it. If you have any questions, just email me as it’s my goal to help each person who takes the course to master every aspect of search engine optimization.

You can join the SEO consultants hub on Facebook and ask any questions about the SEO training courses.

There are SEO training institutes in India that are reputable but during the lockdown, it is best to learn online marketing skills online.

Check out this SEO Training Course Review to see what I offer for FREE:


SeekaHost University gives advice to thousands of students each month on how to earn money online and SEO skills are one of the top ways for anyone to learn easily and get started as a consultant. As I mentioned earlier, I started my career as an SEO Consultant and that’s what led to starting SeekaHost web hosting services eventually.

After completing the SEO Training Course

After you complete the free SEO Training Course you can do the Local SEO Training Course and once you how you rank a website you become a certified SEO expert with a certificate from SeekaHost University.

You can submit a request or email me to ask any questions and me and the team at SeekaHost University will support you all the way to becoming an SEO expert. Mastering SEO takes time and practice. You must put in the time to apply what you learn on various websites and try to rank them on Google.

We now also offer blogging opportunities for all our SeekaHost University students to practice their SEO writing skills and link building skills. Check out our exclusive Blogger’s Exchange portal where you can become a regular contributor and blogger. You can share your SEO insights here too and show the world what you can do. Our team can then give you feedback on your articles and application of SEO techniques.


Another option is to write for the SeekaHost University and get your articles published here as an SU student or to write for SeekaHost and get paid. However, you must provide outstanding content that will attract more readers and apply all your SEO knowledge to each article to prove and showcase your SEO skills.

SeekaHost University Training Courses go beyond ordinary Training

It is therefore fair to say that at SeekaHost University we don’t just teach SEO but offer opportunities to test and apply what you learn and possibly even start to earn online and create an online business or become a digital entrepreneur. You can almost consider it a virtual internship with SeekaHost University where our tutors and experts provide guidance and don’t just leave you hanging after you have completed a course.

I feel this is much more valuable than the courses alone and I wish I would have had this guidance when I started learning how to do SEO as it would have saved me a lot of time, effort and money.

I know you will be on the best path to becoming an SEO expert with my courses and SEO support here and I wish you all the best for your SEO training in India.


International Webinar on SEO Trends 2020 with Bannari Amman Institute of Technology


The #1 SEO London Consultant and Online Entrepreneur Fernando Raymond was invited by Bannari Amman Institute of Technology in India to hold a live webinar about SEO Trends in 2020.

As an SEO consultant and CEO of digital marketing agency ClickDo in London, Fernando has gained extensive experience and expertise in this field. He shares this in his SeekaHost University courses, which he offered to all attendees of this webinar for free afterwards.

Here’s what Fernando covered in this webinar:

  • Introduction to Search Engine Optimization
  • Working of Search engine, SERPs, Search Algorithms
  • Types of SEO & latest Trends: Mobile SEO & Voice Search
  • Ranking based on keywords: Tips to rank higher on Google search
  • Factors affecting SEO
  • Change of SEO trends
  • Tips & Best Practices to Rank better in SEO
  • Q & A
  • Learn more about SEO

You can watch the recording of the webinar here or check out our SeekaHost University YouTube Channel for more useful videos:

You can go through the slides in your own time and check out the links that Fernando has added with useful resources for you to delve into the topic deeper, especially if you’re new to SEO:

International webinar on SEO Trends 2020 PDF

This is only a brief introduction into SEO with some examples shown by Fernando to the students. In this webinar he mentions what is covered in more depth in his courses, but if you really want to get into SEO and learn how to apply it, then you should certainly sign up to Fernando’s extensive SEO courses here:

  • SEO Training Course – the best course for beginners to learn the basics of SEO.
  • Local SEO Blueprint – ideal after you have completed the SEO Training Course and have a basic knowledge of SEO as well as some practical experience.
  • SEO Content Writing Course – good for bloggers or content writers/copywriters with no or limited knowledge of SEO.

If you have any questions about our courses, would like to have certain aspects/areas added or want to appear as a guest author on our blog to share your knowledge, please get in touch with our team and we’ll get back to you.