What Is Online Marketing?

The opposite of online marketing is traditional marketing. So, online marketing is is the use of online (internet) tools and platforms to achieve a marketing objective.

Think of platforms like  Facebook ads, YouTube, eBooks, Google ads, to mention but a few.

With traditional marketing, one should think of platforms like TV, Radio, and Newspapers.

When was the last time you bought a newspaper to peruse over the ads? How often do you follow radio and TV ads?

Today, more and more brands and businesses are opting their businesses online. In fact, it’s correct to say that traditional media is now deemed by most as old school. It has a limited market area, is slow in yielding results and not to mention that it is very expensive.

Online marketing simplified;

The growth of online marketing has been on an upward climb for the last nine years or so. However, it wasn’t until 2016 and 2017 that the industry acknowledged online marketing as a crucial player.

There’s a big correlation between the growth of online marketing and the emergence of small businesses/startups.

As more and more small businesses popped up, the need to market their brand became real. And most couldn’t afford the sums that traditional marketing charges for ad space.

Secondly,  a large portion of the target market for small startups is found online; why waste money on traditional marketing, anyway?

According to a Deloitte research, over half of the UK population between 16-75 years have access to Smartphones. And as the internet use and social media usage grew, an interesting article on The Telegraph had something interesting.

According to this article, the average person here in the UK spends around 24 hours a week online and surfing the net. Now, that’s interesting; it means that the average person spends an entire day (24hrs) browsing the internet on their phones. Any marketer would and should find this very interesting.

Who benefits from online marketing?

Online marketing benefits the business or brand being promoted as well as the marketers who get paid to do it.

Oh, did you know that with the internet and a laptop or Smartphone, you can start your own online marketing company? We’ll come to that, but first, let’s talk about the business being marketed online.

Online marketing does more than just marketing for a business. It helps in building brand awareness; it helps improve brand visibility; it also helps in maintaining customer loyalty.

Brand visibility; the most powerful message that a business can give to consumers is brand visibility. It helps consumers know that your product exists; it invites and motivates consumers to give the brand a closer look.  And the truth of the matter is that no other approach helps in brand visibility than a digital-first approach.

Online marketing is consistent, and this consistency is what helps make your brand get noticed.

Take a Facebook ad, for instance; you can decide the number of people you want your ad to reach, for how many days, and within what geographical area.

This freedom and flexibility is magic to your brand; it helps you reach areas and demographics you’d never reach with traditional marketing!

Brand awareness; being visible or noticed is one thing. Having consumers give your brand a closer look is another.

Brand awareness entails enticing messaging to help consumers give you the benefit of doubt and thus, give the product a try.

Influencers and Google AdSense auto ads are examples of online marketing tools that are very effective in brand awareness.

Think of this example; everyone, including a Grade 3 pupil, can easily recognize a Coca Cola can or logo; it’s one of the most easily recognizable brands in the world today. This is despite the company being around for over 125 years. Yet, they don’t stop marketing and promoting their brand.

CocaCola billboards and online ads are everywhere and all around us, despite the product have been in existence for around 125 years!  They do it all in the name of brand awareness, and it works, has worked magic.

With online marketing, you have no excuse to push and get your brand out there as a household name.

Customer loyalty; what drives customer loyalty among buyers in the UK? A 2017 Statista study found that 64% of British shoppers would stay loyal if your brand promises to offer value for their money. Another 50% would be loyal if they were sure your brand/product offers great quality.

Now, these are things you can achieve with online marketing!

Online product reviews and Youtube videos are a great example of how small startups and brands can educate consumers on their value and relevance.

Video marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing and is a great way to inspire loyalty from consumers.

Online marketing as a form of self-employment;

The other interesting angle to online marketing is that it is one of the most lucrative online jobs.

This is a good work from home opportunity for those looking to get into self-employment.

Some of the leading online marketing agencies in the UK are owned or were started by remote workers who started small.

Like we mentioned, you need a Smartphone or Laptop, and some internet connection.

Why not, feel free to enroll in ClickDo Academy so can you learn how to pitch and look for direct clients. In this case, direct clients are business owners who desperately want their business sites to get top ranking but have no clue on how to go about that.

As an online marketer, you can make money by blogging, writing web content, affiliate marketing,  social media marketing, to mention a few.

All these are relatively easy and hassle-free ways of making money. Just try and get some basic training by enrolling for a quick online marketing course.

All in all, online marketing is the future of all marketing.

Businesses and major brands need to position themselves and make the most out of this effective and cost-friendly mode of marketing.

Budding entrepreneurs too, you can earn a living from home or remotely by promoting and marketing brands online.

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