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Guest Articles

Looking For High Quality Guest Articles From You!

We are keen to publish well-researched, high-quality, relevant posts containing actionable tips and expert advice. We ONLY accept 100% original and unpublished posts. Once the article has been published on our portal, you can share it on your social media platforms. You are just required to include a short disclaimer about the blog post on SeekaHost University.

Some of the essential parameters that we are looking for in order to accept your written masterpiece on our blogging and eLearning portal are:

► Original posts, general industry-specific tips, and compelling arguments backed by authentic data
► We do not aim at republishing anything that has been published somewhere earlier
► A single link to your website in the body of the content
► The author bio of the writer with a short brief about their professional background
► Useful graphics as well as high-quality images for enhancing the overall value of the content

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Topics We Cover

Digital Marketing and Online Learning

Our digital marketing and eLearning blog aims at covering all possible topics related to the field of digital marketing and online learning across the globe.

Some of the main topics that our team of expert bloggers is known to cover are:

Email marketing ◀
Search Engine Optimization ◀
Omni-channel marketing ◀
Digital Marketing ◀
Content Marketing ◀
Marketing Automation ◀
General tips on marketing for different industries ◀
Social Media Marketing ◀
Online learning ◀
Online tutoring ◀
Remote work/online jobs/digital nomad lifestyle ◀
Blogging ◀
Online business ◀

What We Do NOT Accept?

Anything that has been published before ◀
Anything that has been covered before ◀
Anything with no relevancy or invaluable information ◀
Anything that appears offensive, copied, or inaccurate ◀
Anything that aims at promoting your website entirely ◀

How Can You Become a Contributor?

If you wish to publish articles on our SeekaHost University blog, we can offer an authorship scheme or a one-off publication for guest authors.



If you are a tutor on our eLearning platform, you can publish articles at any time related to your courses. We will set up an author profile on the portal for regular contributors. On the given profile, you can add your picture as well as personal information. You can even use the profile to promote your contributions elsewhere by adding links to other websites/blogs/profiles.



If you are a SeekaHost University student enrolled in one or more courses on our eLearning platform, we will happily publish your guest post with your author profile. In this you can share your learning experiences, you can showcase your skills and expertise, or you can discuss what you are working on, e.g. building your blog/website etc.

What We Expect

We usually expect submissions of at least 800-word articles on our digital marketing blog and they should be written in perfect English (spell-checked and grammar-checked), with a professional voice avoiding bias and displaying various expert views and opinions in the industry. All articles submitted will be checked for plagiarism and won’t be published if they contain duplicate content.

Get On Board

On the UK Education Blog you can be featured too! Here you can review online courses, you can share anything about online teaching, tutoring or learning.

On the Internet Marketing Blog you can have a guest post published about anything relating to online and digital marketing.

For more exposure, you can get on board our ClickDo Blog Network to establish yourself as a well-known expert and writer!

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