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Our Story 01

Our Story

It is a big vision that got us started

The SeekaHost University was started by ClickDo founder Fernando Raymond, a digital strategist and business visionary. After 5 years of running digital marketing agency ClickDo Ltd. it’s our time to give something back to the world and help the digitally inspired to get online and learn the proven digital marketing techniques that help businesses thrive online. All our courses are created by industry experts with years of experience in what they teach. By trialling & testing their techniques, they have built a repertoire that works exactly how it’s supposed to. They know how to get the desired results in the modern digital world and marketplace for businesses to be profitable and individuals to be successful.

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Our Values

To help humanity live a better life doing what they enjoy

We value freedom and believe people can do what they love while helping others and getting paid for it. SeekaHost University provides many free courses to help people get started online and embark on their digital journey and career. Ultimately, you’ll learn skills that will help you make money online while doing work you’ll enjoy from anywhere you choose to be. Our main focus is to help 100 million people to acquire the digital skills that will give them the opportunities and tools to work with other business owners online. We’ve lived it and are still living it every day as we are helping the digital economy grow!

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Our Educators

Skilled experts in their field

Our digital marketing & learning educators at SeekaHost University live and breathe freedom. They are practising what they preach, and you can connect with them online via social media or the SeekaHost University learning platform. You can have all your additional questions answered directly and communicate with them about anything you need to clarify. Our vetted educators have a track record of successful online and digital knowledge and work experience. Some of them would have gone through career changes, moving into the digital field and acquiring the digital skills themselves through learning by doing. You can read their stories online on their websites and connect with them.

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Our Service Categories

So many academic goals that we want you to achieve.


From learning the fundamentals of SEO to becoming a digital marketing master, from understanding how to start a blog to managing your and other’s online presence – whatever your academic goal is for your future career in digital marketing & learning, you will find the knowledge and expertise required here.


Online learning is almost like a one-to-one tutorial with the difference that you can’t interact directly with the instructor. It’s therefore vital that you apply what you learn without delay and get started with your online journey. Learning by doing is the principle we believe in and especially with digital skills it is important to use them daily, if possible. Read more

For any additional questions you can contact the course instructor, but it’s really down to you to implement what you learn. Show Less


Gaining the knowledge about online businesses, digital learning and working, digital marketing and more is important for comprehending what you’re learning the skills for. Do your own research on top of the courses you take here. The digital world is moving and changing fast – never stand still!


Prompt conversation and communication within your community of learners and instructors with our internal communication system integrated in every course.


We accept online payments from almost every country in any currency. You can checkout via popular payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, BACS and debit and credit cards.


As an instructor, upload documents, presentations, videos and images, and learning resources. Simply drag and drop content from your computer straight into your online course.

Nickey Pickorita
Top SEO course if you are starting out, you definitely have to check this out. I assure you, you won't regret it as Fernando is a #1 SEO consultant in the UK according to Google. How cool is that? Right! He is definitely credible to teach you and this will be the best investment you can make. I can vouch for this course and highly recommend it! 🙂
Neil Franklin
I am 55 years old and have been an entrepreneur for over 35 years. I have specifially been involved with digital marketing for around 10 years, but only as an owner of a company and never took the time and trouble to learn. I met Fernando recently and not only did he inspire me with his overall attitude and experience, but also to take his course and I have learned so much. If I can do it, anyone can
Miguel Espinoza
All I can say is that this course if so well put together that it leads you step by step on what to do. I have taken many SEO courses and this one is by far the best and easiest to understand. Fernando and his team have really put the time to understand those individuals that are not really understanding the SEO game. I would highly recommend any course Fernando and his team have to offer even if you are a seasoned SEO expert.