Blogging Course

Online Blogging Course For Beginners

This free blogging course by Nicole will teach you how to start a blog and earn money online. Everyting you need to start a blog that matters will be shown via video tutorials.

Starting a blog is the first step to get online and without a blog you will miss many opportunities to build a brand online. A blog will give you the chance to build and scale your own virtual real estate that will help you earn a passive income in the future.

Blogging is what got ClickDo started by our founder Fernando Raymond, he started his first blog back in the 2013 and grew from a one many freelancer to a digital owner in short time.

In this onine blogging course you will learn how to pick a niche, where to register your domain name, how to buy web hosting, how to install WordPress to your domain and host your own website or blog and start to make money.

After this course you easily understand the concepts shared by Fernando on the Blog for profits blueprint.

The content writing tips that are shared in this blogging course will help you jump to the hot SEO-friendly content – tips for bloggers course by Manuela Willbold.

You will have full support by us to answer any questions so you are guided towards mastery in blogging for beginners course.

Our goal is to help you become a top blogger and make money online by blogging. We have included many resources to help you become a top blogger and build a blog brand online.

This is a professional blogging course that also teaches you about business blogging skills to help you blog for businesses as a freelance writer or blogging expert.

Course Content

Total learning: 26 lessons Time: 2 hours
  • How to start a blog and make money?
  • What you need to know to start a blog
    • Lecture2.1
    • Lecture2.2
    • Lecture2.3
  • Setting up your WordPress Blog
    • Lecture3.1
    • Lecture3.2
    • Lecture3.3
    • Lecture3.4
    • Lecture3.5
    • Lecture3.6
    • Lecture3.7
    • Lecture3.8
    • Lecture3.9
    • Lecture3.10
  • Doing SEO & Start Blogging
    • Lecture4.1
    • Lecture4.2
    • Lecture4.3
    • Lecture4.4
    • Lecture4.5
    • Lecture4.6
  • How to make money blogging?
    • Lecture5.1
    • Lecture5.2
    • Lecture5.3
    • Lecture5.4
  • Thanks for watching
    • Lecture6.1

About the Instructor

Nicole Venglovicova Nicole Venglovicova

Blogger and videographer creating media content for businesses to shine online. Helping people get online and create a lifestyle where they can do what they love while getting paid to do the work that matters.