local seo blueprint

Local SEO Blueprint
By The #1 SEO Consultant In London, UK

-Fernando Raymond-

After ranking as the #1 SEO consultant in London, UK I’ve gained the knowledge and skills to teach anyone to rank high on SERPs (search engine results page – AKA 1st page)… In this local SEO Blueprint, you will learn the core skills to rank local business websites on Google & get started as a local SEO consultant. If you are a local business owner, this blueprint will give you the knowledge to understand how local SEO works, and if your SEO consultant is doing it right.



Local business owners are worried about revenues due to bad SEO!

We all know that local businesses need to traffic coming to the business website. It helps a business get more and more qualified visitors to the business and help inquiries, leads, customers & sales.

Local business owners go through a hell of a time when the right traffic does not land on the website. The traffic comes to the website when it's ranking on the first page of Google in a manner to get the clicks.

With the right Local SEO, techniques a business website can gain ranks!

When it comes getting traffic to a local business website, Google is the best place to capitalize on. Most local business websites ideal customer is searching for the products, services on Google. So by ranking the local business website on Google your business website can survive from all those revenue issues. The local SEO blueprint will show you how to do that, in the most practical manner.

Being skilled to rank local business websites will help you Rank & Bank, in the digital economy!

Learning SEO skills to rank local business websites is the most valuable skill set, you can ever acquire this year. Fernando - #1 SEO Consultant in London, UK, and owner of ClickDo Ltd. realized this back in 2014 and did all that it takes to learn to rank local business websites on Google.co.uk

This course is done by Fernando himself exposing all the best techniques about local business SEO. You will learn from the best in the UK SEO game.

To make the most buck from a local business website it must Rank 1#, and this course will teach it all!

Every local business owners want their business website to rank on top of Google. But you know that's tough, however with the right work and patience, it's possible to achieve such level of ranks.

There are fundamental practice and guidelines you must know. This course will show you the most practical manner to rank a local business website form the point of starting it. Step by step how to build the website with on-page SEO elements and go about getting backlinks from right places.

Achieve the good life with the Rank & Bank, system!

Local business search engine optimization is money market, where every local business owner plays. You can be a part of it as a local business onwer who plays with SEO skills or you can learn the local business SEO skills and help local business owners get what they want. Either way, the local SEO game is fun when you know he rules of the game. Learn the local SEO system included in the local SEO blueprint.



So you saw what some of the local business had to say about the local SEO services they got from ClickDo, Fernando. It's the happiness or getting them the ranks they desire that gives the joy to us to do local SEO

The 2019 Local SEO Blueprint Includes:

1. What is Local business SEO?

2. Who should learn local SEO?

3. How to conduct “keyword research” the right way?

4.On page SEO for local business websites to gain optimal love from search engines:

  • Building a Local business website from scratch – Applying on page elements to the web pages
  • Writing on page SEO elements for power pages
  • Keyword density checking for better SEO
  • Internal linking & Silo structuring
  • Image optimization with meta for an optimal SEO boost
  • How to get content for the website easily & cheaply
  • Adding the website URL to rank tracker

5.Website speed optimization and super-fast web hosting

  • How to do it the right way?
  • Where to get super-fast web hosting
  • How to host a website on the cloud
  • Done for you speed optimization
  • CDN, Basic Configs and SSL on WordPress

6. Local link building to gain the ranks you desire

  • How to start building the first link
  • Where to find link building opportunities
  • Guest posting for maximum link juice for the website
  • Backlink exchanging
  • Do a favour and get backlinks as a return
  • How to build a brand everyone wants to link to
  • Infographic link building techniques
  • Citations building for naked URL links
  • Where to get citations done effectively
  • PBNs for link building – should you do it & how?
  • Blogging

7. Local SEO Monetization – For local SEO consultants and lead generation professionals

  • How to start your local SEO services business
  • How to get clients
  • How to sell local SEO services
  • The SEO plan creation – samples of high converting SEO plans
  • What to do when you take a client on board – first steps.
  • Rank & rent strategies
  • Link selling (Build a network and take guest posts on them)
  • Local SEO auditor jobs – where to get?

The 7th module as you can see, will show you how start your own local SEO consulting business, and run it successfully.

Inside the Local SEO Blueprint, you will learn exactly how to build a local business websites in an SEO friendly a manner, and rank local business websites in the search engines. And if you are ready to enter the local SEO consultancy money market, you will learn how to start and run a successful Local SEO Business step-by-step. All with video tutorials done by Fernando and ClickDo search engine optimization consultants in UK.

Reviews by some of Fernando's students

What Are You Waiting For?

Access the local SEO blueprint and become an local business SEO expert.



P.S: This course is done by Fernando, the #1 SEO Consultant in London, UK. This is the most practical local SEO course you can ever get on the web. You will learn how to go from Zero to Hero and achieve the best.

Course Content

Total learning: 32 lessons Time: 5 hours
  • Welcome Message!
  • What is Local business SEO?
    • Lecture2.1
  • Who should learn local SEO?
    • Lecture3.1
  • How to conduct “keyword research” the right way?
    • Lecture4.1
  • On page SEO 101 for local business websites
    • Lecture5.1
    • Lecture5.2
    • Lecture5.3
    • Lecture5.4
    • Lecture5.5
    • Lecture5.6
  • Website speed optimization and super-fast web hosting
    • Lecture6.1
    • Lecture6.2
  • How HTTPS (SSL) Implementation helps SEO?
    • Lecture7.1
  • New local business website launch plan
    • Lecture8.1
    • Lecture8.2
  • Local link building to gain the ranks you desire
    • Lecture9.1
    • Lecture9.2
    • Lecture9.3
    • Lecture9.4
    • Lecture9.5
    • Lecture9.6
    • Lecture9.7
    • Lecture9.8
    • Lecture9.9
    • Lecture10.1
    • Lecture10.2
    • Lecture10.3
    • Lecture10.4
    • Lecture10.5
    • Lecture10.6
    • Lecture10.7

About the Instructor

Fernando Raymond Fernando Raymond

Digital strategist & online marketing expert. #1 SEO Consultant in London, UK. Started as a freelancer and grew ClickDo™ to become the best SEO agency in the UK. Founded SeekaHost™ and now helping people get online with digital marketing training courses . Recently published the books, How To Rank Higher On Google, How To Do SEO & Rank #1 on Google and Get Online with Neil Franklin.