5 blogging tips for beginners to consider before writing content for your next article

The top 5 blogging tips for beginners to consider before writing content for your next article.

I know, I know. Before starting to write your first words you deeply think about what to write about and how right? Even if you already know the topic and roughly what you want to talk about, if you want to create attractive, informative and popular web content you must find those right words.

And that isn’t easy at all.

If you’re only starting out as a blogger or content writer, it can be overwhelming to find the best way of writing posts or articles. In one of my previous articles about how to make money online in 5 sustainable ways, I show ways of earning online and one of them is by blogging or becoming a content writer.

How do I start off right?

However, I myself have struggled with the mastery of creating popular content in the past and luckily so have other bloggers and content writers. Let’s learn from our lessons and pass on the knowledge so that increasingly great reads await us in the future! I’ve compiled strategies I have trialled and tested so far, which have led to more traffic and attention.

I’ve also created an online course about creating SEO-friendly content, which explains some of the following points in much more detail, step by step with video tutorials. It’s a great starting point for any blogger or web content writer, because I apply what I’ve learned and done for client blogs and blogs I manage at ClickDo. You can find this course and many others on our fantastic new ClickDo Academy learning platform.

So let’s get started.

#1 Formulate the ideal headline

The headline of your article is key as this is what your readers will see first, however they find your written piece. If it’s not what they’re looking for and doesn’t invite them to read on, you’ve already lost them there and then, no matter how great your content might be.

Your headline should

  • Include crucial keywords for your topic, e.g. if you’re writing about “saving money” use various research tools such as Google Analytics or SEMrush to look for related searches for this keyword. You’ll get an idea of what your target readers look for most in this area and you should use those words in your headline and body.
  • be catchy and attractive, e.g. not too long, but offering your reader a straight-forward answer to their question. According to Cognitive SEO’s research headlines containing numbers are a winner both in Google searches and on social media (like my headline here). What readers also like is when they’re addressed in the headline and a solution is offered, e.g. ways to find… or how to… See articles published on some of our ClickDo blogs for reference:
  • touch on your readers’ emotions, e.g. mention either a very bad feeling and how to deal with it or offer advice on how to solve a pressing problem, e.g. what to do if… or why… doesn’t work and how to improve it.

#2 Research the most relevant keywords

  • as already mentioned, to identify what your potential readers are looking for with regards to your content topic is crucial. It will enable you to focus on everything your readers might want to know, and this will lead to more clicks and reads.
  • There are many ways to work this out by using research tools like Google Analytics, SEMrush (they also offer a plugin for WP to check all your content for relevant keywords and how to improve it for SEO), SEO Book keyword density analyser or see how the best SEO consultant in London, Fernando Raymond, does it.
  • Make sure you use those keywords wisely so your article still has a good flow or else your readers will switch off quickly. Smartblogger recommends breaking up long paragraphs into shorter ones, to speak your reader’s language and not use too complex concepts and words.

#3 Structure your article right

Make sure that your article is sectioned into the following:

  • A seductive introduction

First, you must encourage your readers to stay with you when you introduce your topic. Therefore, your introduction should be drawing them in by talking about something they can relate to and that makes them feel like what they’re reading is helping or giving them something. It also helps to incorporate emotions, frustrations, a problem, etc. This will make your reader want to learn more.

  • Easily accessible advice

The main body of your article should cover all the advice and useful information your readers came to look for. Here you have to fulfill your promise from your headline, and you should do so in an entertaining, informative or even humorous way, depending on your topic. It’s important to structure your main body so that the reader sticks with your piece. The bounce rate (the rate a person closes your page after having opened it) shows you how long your readers spend time reading your content (accessible through Google Analytics). If it is high, you’re doing something wrong. And this will also affect your ranking on Google. We at ClickDo suggest using short paragraphs and subheads in order to not overwhelm your readers with hard to digest content and to make it easier on the eye. BUT: each section should contain valuable information!

  • A summary and some motivation

Summarize what you’ve covered in your article and offer your readers ways of using this information. Give examples, offer ideas and suggestions useful for your readers and make them feel like it’s achievable. Empower them by showing how to use the information you have provided to answer their initial questions or solve their problems. If they feel you’ve done a great job at this, they’ll certainly be back for more. This is also a good time to offer a “call to action”, if you want to introduce another article, service or product related to the topic.

#4 Tell a great story

Neil Patel demonstrates how research clearly shows that brand storytelling leads to more attention and growth online. At ClickDo we also follow such key factors of a successful brand or business story, see for reference. Here we point out tostructure your story and articles right

  • create an emotional connection by sharing your values
  • make you stand out by sharing your initial problem/situation and how you went about solving it (personal struggles/challenges)
  • highlight your “aha” moment (problem solving strategy)
  • show how you overcame all challenges and obstacles and never gave up demonstrating your passion and commitment
  • demonstrate your mission

#5 Make your article easy on the eye

Make sure you check the following points before publishing your blog post:

  • Obviously, check your article for grammar and spelling mistakes
  • The SEMrush tool also checks the length of your sentences to make them more reader friendly
  • Check your heading formats, e.g. heading 1, 2, 3 depending on whether it’s a subhead or paragraph
  • Add pictures, videos, audios or infographics to offer a variety of ways to access your content. It breaks it down again visually and helps your reader to easily get a grasp of your topic. Great resources are:,,

You can check the blog I manage, the UK Education Blog, and how it is performing on Google for reference. See how it ranks for the keywords “UK education blog”, bearing in mind I haven’t added that much content due to a lack of time. I’ve only been working on this blog for about 1 year while still working full time! I hope this motivates you. If I can do it, so can you.

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