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How to get more Followers on WordPress – everything you need to know

The Stuff You Know about a WordPress Blog

The Stuff You Know about a WordPress BlogYou have a WordPress blog on your hand. You created a website using WordPress and want to grow your site on the internet.

In short, you want more eyes to view, and more minds to process the stuff you’ve self-published on your website.

By now, you might have realized that traffic doesn’t simply arrive at your website.

You need to accept it – you have a lot of competition. Tough competition.

The Stuff You Don’t Know about Growing your Blog

The Stuff You Don’t Know about Growing your BlogSo, how will you survive in such a world, where almost 99% of blogs are unsuccessful? How will you make sure that your blog is attracting a big audience? And most of all, how will you earn from your blog?

In this article, we will tell you how to get more followers on your WordPress blog. We will tell you about the secrets of blogging which you need to implement if you want your blog to become a success.

Now I know what you’re thinking – “how can I trust you?”

It’s understandable. If we’re giving advice, you’ll be looking for reasons to believe us.

Well, let us give you the reasons.

At SeekaHost University, we specialize in digital marketing and WordPress Blogging.

We know the answer to this question you’ve been having – how to increase traffic to my WordPress blog?”

We know how you can promote a WordPress blog.

We know how you can advertise a WordPress blog.

And in this guide, that’s exactly what we’ll be discussing.

How to make your Blog popular enough to stop worrying about new Traffic?

How to make your Blog popular enough to stop worrying about new TrafficSEO – the boring, yet accurate answer.

If you’re a blogger, domain owner, or webpage handler, these three letters ought to mean the whole world to you. They can help determine the success or failure of your blog. In short – it will determine your income.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s what gets you success in your website’s organic ranking, the order in which web pages rank in the search engine according to the user’s search query.

Let us explain further.

The search engine browses your content for keywords. It will ‘read’ through your blog and scan for relevant keywords. By relevant, we mean keywords relevant to the user’s search query and your content.

The more relevant the keyword is to the search query, the higher its value. Keywords are thus classified into two categories – high-value keywords and low-value keywords.

High-value keywords are most relevant to the query being searched. The more high-value keywords one includes in their webpage, the more is the chance that their webpage becomes a success.

While low-value keywords are sometimes unavoidable, stay away from them as far as you can. Because the more low-value keywords you add, the more you risk keyword loading without any prominent results in SEO.

Thus, SEO aims to include as many high-value keywords into your blog as possible. And that way you avoid keyword loading, whilst also directing internet traffic towards your page. This will inevitably help your blog be one of the top results in organic ranking and you can keep track of this with SEO analytics tools.

Because the SeekaHost experts understand the importance and value of SEO in combination with managing your WordPress website they have developed and launched the first unique WP & PBN Hosting Control Panel that offers analytics tools inside to keep track of all websites hosted with SeekaHost. See the video below to get an idea of how it can help you with growing your blog:

Naturally, a blog with a higher ranking will get more audience traffic. And subsequently, more money.

More importantly, then, we hit the next question.

How to earn from your WordPress Blog?

How to earn from your WordPress BlogThe first step, of course, is making your blog famous.

There are two methods that we recommend for that:

  1. Use SEO WordPress plugins to ramp up the search engine friendliness of your blog – By definition, SEO plugins are “extension modules for content management systems”. But we don’t need to get into the details.

All you need to know is this – SEO plugins will affect the following:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Web analysis
  • Online marketing
  1. Nurture a reputation that Google’s bots respect, by guest posting aka Guest blogging, which is an SEO technique. In this, you will write an article about your blog on someone else’s blog. This will go on to give you more exposure and your link to your website will be distributed better.

It has everything you would want to know about SEO as the owner of a new domain.

Now let’s talk about the earning aspect of a blog.

Your primary income will be through – advertisements.

Whether it be Google Ads or paid sponsorships, most of your income is going to come from ads.

This is why it’s so essential to get more traffic to your WordPress site. The more people your site attracts, the more will third-party sites want to advertise themselves on your blog.

Equip yourself with the Right Tools for Success

Equip yourself with the Right Tools for SuccessThe above knowledge must have left you in a whirl.

Starting a blog, getting more readers on a blog, earning from a blog – all this is not easy. And you’re slowly beginning to realize that.

The crux of the matter is this – you need someone to help you out on your journey to establishing your career as a blogger. Otherwise, things are going to get nastily difficult for you.

And you don’t want your blog to end up amongst the 99% failed ones, do you?

So, first thing’s first – you need to start learning more about SEO and how it works. And we’re not just talking about surface-level knowledge. You need to absolutely master SEO.

Consider setting 5-10 hours a week aside to learn the basics of SEO. It’s easy when you have the right learning material – the sorts we’ve put together for you in our SEO course.

This, along with other free SeekaHost digital marketing courses, will teach you about the ins and outs of online traffic, keywords, and net advertising.

With our vast level of knowledge in this field of digital marketing and SEO, we offer several online courses that will help you gain surprising insights into how to make a blog a success. It’s a goldmine for bloggers and domain owners, and you are sure to thank us later.

Our many reliable and dependable SEO  and marketing experts know all there is to know about how to advertise a WordPress blog. We know how to promote a WordPress blog and get more traffic to the blog from the internet.

So, make the right decision. Enroll for a course (or several) so that you are prepared with all the right tools required for success. Simply register with SeekaHost University and if you have any queries, questions, or doubts, we’ll be more than WordPress plugins them.

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