Benefits of internships for Companies & Students

How can internships help businesses and students boost their performance?

Today’s intern was Yester year’s apprentice. Employing interns has been a popular notion for businesses since medieval times.

Unbelievably, this age-old concept is still popular in this digital world. Hiring interns is a common standard among different industries including computers, information technology, fashion, beauty, engineering, and defence among many others.

Did you know that mega-companies like Google, Facebook, L’Oreal, Under Armour, Airbnb, T-Mobil, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, EY, GE, Tesla, and Disney have the Top 100 Internship Programs in the US?

Top 100 Internship Programs USAn internship program benefits students, as well, as businesses. Several online platforms ensure the availability of ample interning opportunities and actual projects to students.

Most of you are aware of the far-reaching benefits of an internship program to students and businesses, but do you know about the immense advantages for both parties in the digital era?

What Makes Internship Programs Popular In The Digital Age?

Ease of HiringEase of Hiring

Hiring interns is one of the easiest ways of recruiting future employees.

If you communicate with a community college or a university, all you need to do is register online for their Internship and Mentoring program to have access to educated students from that institution and for the students to find a company.

A lot of platforms also help connect students with prospective internship programs. Along with providing a platform to connect prospective employers with interns, these platforms also provide online resources to companies as well as students to improve on their self-learning, fundamental skill-set, knowledge bank and help facilitate international payments too.

Social Media boosters

Students or school leavers can help boost a company’s social media presence without burning a hole in their marketing budget. Since most young students are super active on social media, they are sure to hike up a company’s presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram giving it free publicity and getting such in return for their own online presence.

Boost Productivity - internship benefits

Perspective to Productivity


The exuberance of youth brings with it refreshing ideas and fresh perspectives. While most other employees may be buried under the pressures and stress of their day-to-day responsibilities, interns bring with them a chutzpah and enthusiastic eagerness and fresh insights.

A lot of times, the influx of new faces, ardent ideas, and keen youngsters, helps managers and existing teams improve their productivity levels. At the same time, young learners have access to mentors and systems they’re still getting to know and understand.

Virtual Human Resources

Virtual internships - How internship benefitVirtual internships are one of the best ways of employing interns. All that a student needs to work is a laptop, a phone line, access to the web, and a commitment and drive to make it big.

While it saves the student the time, money, and energy of a daily commute, small companies who are short on space, start-ups, and remotely located businesses also benefit from this virtual internship set up.

At SeekaHost University we are currently building a virtual internship concept to enhance our digital marketing online courses for the ultimate online learning experience.

Technical edge

Technical edge - Internship BenefitsIt is a commonly known fact, that youngsters are far more tech-savvy than most older people in a workforce as many of them are digital natives. They provide several tech-based as well as internet-related services at a fraction of the cost of a regular freelancer or employee.

Whether it is digital marketing, data analysis, website designing, software design, ethical hacking, or social media management, interns will help out and in return get the opportunity to show off their skills and reference it in their CVs or online profiles such as on LinkedIn to improve chances of future employment.

Future employees

A good Internship Program helps a company build upon a databank of future employees.  With first-hand experience and interaction with interns, the HR team will benefit largely when it comes to hiring them part- or full-time as they’ve already established whether they’re a good fit for the company. Equally, the intern has built valuable relationships for future job opportunities.

A NACE Research study on Internship & Employer Benefits found that employers made full-time offers to approximately 65% of their interns, along with an acceptance rate of more than 80%.

Community Commitments

Several companies believe in helping local communities. By hiring interns from local community colleges, schools, and universities, a company is doing a huge favour to the local society. Internships play an essential role in developing and honing youngsters in preparing them for the real business and working world.

More Manpower

More Manpower - How internship helpsLooking for temporary and additional manpower to meet short-term workforce requirements? Internships are the perfect solution to meeting a sudden requirement for extra manpower. No commitments, no obligations, no long-term contracts, and extra manpower is at your fingertips! In return, students can work flexibly from the comfort of their homes or while travelling so to not interrupt their studies and lifestyle.

The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow

Nelson Mandela’s profound words sum up the power of youth and the benefits it brings for your company. Truly, internships are a win-win situation for both the students as well as the employing companies.

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