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Are you looking for the best private blog network specialist certification course to learn how to create and manage private blogs for clients or earn money by selling guest posts monetizing your websites?

Are you perhaps thinking of becoming a digital entrepreneur by building monetizable online properties that will create a steady flow of income?

Many people say they offer PBN training but none of them have created as many resources and PBNs for the SEO community as the top digital entrepreneur Fernando Raymond.

Fernando has successfully built and shared many PBN site samples that he has monetized and grown into valuable online assets. See for yourself in this guide:

Private Blog Networks: Everything You Must Know About PBN SEO in 2022

He will teach you how to create a private blog network step by step via his online courses, eBooks, blog posts and Facebook groups, if you follow him online. However, if you want it all in a compressed format to learn the skills fast then you should get the certificate with the SeekaHost University.


What are the Benefits of a PBN Specialist Certification?

There are so many misconceptions about private blogs and this article: What Is a Private Blog Network? (Definition) – SEO Glossary ( is a very misleading post about creating and handling PBNs.

Also, established digital marketers like Neil Patel have published similar opinions about private blog networks, which begs the question whether they have even built and managed a PBN ever themselves. Because to fully grasp how much the SEO community benefits from ethical and authentic PBN SEO work that aims to not only rank sites but to offer value, which people are willing to pay for so that PBN owners can earn money and make a living from the hard work they invest is a good thing.

For that and other reasons Fernando has been creating and managing PBNs for a long time and to date he earns money by publishing well written authentic content on PBNs. Hence why he has put together a PBN Specialist Training at the SeekaHost University so that anyone looking to become a certified private blog network specialist can learn how to

  • Create & manage WordPress sites that perform and rank well.manage-private-blog-networks-with-seo-and-blogging-skills-taught-at-seekahost-university
  • Create & publish high-quality content that meets search engine guidelines.
  • Use ethical SEO techniques and strategies to successfully grow and market their sites.
  • Use social media marketing and ads to increase their website’s online visibility.

To be honest you do not necessarily need a certification to prove your skills as we have also highlighted in the SEO certification article, because once you have built your own PBNs these will be your evidence. However, we decided to help you create blog networks professionally to high standards and the certification will help you demonstrate that professionalism and expertise so that anyone with misconceptions about PBNs can trust your work.

To obtain this PBN specialist certification, you will be required to practice and show hands-on that you understand how to build and manage a private blog network. The private blog network specialist certification that you will receive from the SeekaHost University can only be issued to participants that demonstrate to have learned all the skills outlined below. And you may learn other transferable skills that will benefit you further, if you put in the hard work.

How to get a Private Blog Network Specialist Certification fast?

Follow the below recommended steps and you will learn how to set up, create and build a PBN successfully.

  • Learn how to find expired domains with a good backlink profile and go through some of our expert tutorials and guides to do this yourself and apply the techniques and strategies:

Expired Domains Buying Guide

PBN Domains: How to Research and Find Quality Expired Domains for PBNs

  • Register the expired domain that you have chosen at, find tutorials here:

How To Get Domain Name & Hosting At SeekaHost Portal?

  • Get PBN hosting at to get access to the best PBN Manager Tool – go through the following tutorials and guides to get an idea:

Best WordPress Hosting Control Panel To Host WP Blogs & Websites (In Less than 60 seconds)

  • To begin to build a private blog network you will need to start with at least 3 PBNs hosted and live inside the SeekaHost App.

  • Once they are hosted, you can get started with building each of them with WordPress.

  • Make sure you take the time to build each well with a logo and good WP theme and recommended plugins. This should be done at a professional level and ideally you should take the Ultimate Blogging Course at the SeekaHost University to learn this properly.

  • learn-best-blogging-skills-for-pbns-with-ulltimate-blogging-courseHowever, alternatively you can go through our SeekaHost WordPress tutorials at the blog.

  • Now it is time to publish high-quality content that is ideally SEO-friendly.

  • We recommend you take the SEO content writing course at SeekaHost University to ensure your blog posts rank well and are engaging for your readers. Start with publishing at least 3 posts on each of your sites. You can also read this “how to create a reader friendly blog post” guide.

  • write-best-web-copy-for-pbns-with-seo-content-writing-courseYour content will not rank on search engines simply through publishing it well. You will also need to apply on-page and off-page SEO techniques such as placing backlinks on your PBNs, which Fernando Raymond shares in detail in his SEO Training course.

  • learn-seo-to-rank-websites-and-pbns-with-seo-training-courseIt is important for you to learn how to do link building according to search engine guidelines and best SEO practices, otherwise your PBNs will not grow and get traffic.

  • Make sure you create an about page and a write for us page on your PBN and promote them to get guest posts from others to publish.

  • You can go through these tutorials, but we would recommend you take the Blog for Profits course to fully learn blog monetization strategies:


Those are the first basic 5 steps to get the private blog network specialist certification and you can do it in a matter of 7 days if you fully focus on the matter.

You can get in touch with PBN experts to find/buy expired domains from a vendor like Sakhet Wahi.

You can build the PBN in one day after you have learned how to do it effectively with WordPress and the SeekaPanel, which will speed up the process compared to using alternative web hosting control panels like cPanel or Plesk.

The indexation of the domains/PBN will take a few days, depending on the quality of the PBN domain. So, in the meantime you can take the courses to be ready to build high-quality PBNs that will grow and rank.

Disclaimer: Please note that we only teach to create authentic blogs that serve the web with informative and useful content. We advise all participants to not build low-quality blogs using duplicate or poor-quality content that will not offer any value to readers. We also strongly advise to use white hat SEO techniques rather than black hat SEO strategies such as keyword stuffing etc. Nothing that is taught to get the certification goes against search engines guidelines.

If you need to get the certification as a top private blog network creator to be trusted by the SEO community, learn the outlined steps, and build high-quality blogs to make the web a better place and offer value so that people are willing to pay for what you provide.

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