Best Side Hustles To Start Making Money Online

There are dozens of ways to make a little bit of extra cash. Who needs little when they can lay their hands on a lot?

That is why we have listed the most profitable side hustles that can net you thousands of pounds every year. If you do well at them, you could even give up your day job and make money from home with no hassle.

None of our advice is guesswork. All that you have to do is search on the internet, and you would find each has made someone live a comfortable.

Best Side Gigs Online In 2020


1. Affiliate Marketing

This is a hugely profitable way to make tons of money online with minimal effort. How does it work?

It is easy since all you must do is redirect traffic to an online store. Let us take a practical example – Amazon Affiliate Program. The AAP lets thousands make a living from their kitchen table. You write a blog on your niche topic or produce a YouTube video. Now include a link to the product. Every time someone visits your blog and follows the link to Amazon for a purchase, you are paid a 4-8% commission depending on the category.

It is not only restricted to blogs and YouTube. It can be anything your creativity stirs up, even a podcast.

Is there a secret to success? Yes. The secret sauce is creating content that people trust, that ranks well on search engines and that drives a sustainable amount of traffic to your website.

If you seem to be pushing something for your benefit, that obviously won’t work at all. The other thing is that you must be in it for the long haul. No matter how much you try, you cannot get a top-ranked blog or video in 10 weeks (unless you are a teen pop sensation).

It takes hard work and good skills to build a successful blog.

But with blogging online courses and SEO courses you can gain the cyber skills that will make all the difference to your future flexible online work.


2.Graphic Design

There are at least 100,000 self-published books on Kindle!!!

Almost all of them required a front and back cover. Many need illustrations, drawings, and cartoons. It is the task of a graphic designer to take care of the visual design and concept of images. All that you need is a flair for colours and patterns. To market yourself, you could either bid for jobs on freelance sites like Fiverr and Upwork or set up your own website and approach clients. A website certainly offers many benefits to showcase your work. Social media offers fantastic opportunities, too, through visually based apps like Instagram and Snapchat to share your work. Of course, at the start, there will be a fair bit of outreach work involved.

You might face rejection and must do the first few projects for bottom dollar, but as your portfolio grows, so will your business. And if this is your passion, you will be excited to grow your side hustle every day.

The most significant advantage is you get to manage your own hours. You can work at any hour, whether you are a night owl awake till 2 AM or an early bird starting at 6 AM.

The other huge advantage is large and small companies spend heavily on brochures and other marketing materials. If you can get a toe hold in that market, you would never lack work or money. The same applies for Web Design with many more websites being created every day. Learn more about web designing and how you can become a web designer on our web design blog.



This is the most established and popular form of online earning. Ever since Blogspot rolled around at the end of the 90s, people have taken to blogs to penning down their thoughts about every topic under the sun – from making the perfect chicken soup to losing weight after 50.

What you need to have is a laptop and a vivid imagination.

There are numerous blogging platforms now, and it will take you at most a day to design a website and about 4 hours to create one using Wix or Weebly. If you use WordPress, you can find many useful tutorials, tips and guides on the SeekaHost WordPress website.

Once your blog is launched, and Google bots have searched and indexed it, sign up for AdSense. It is Google’s advertising platform, and you do not have to search for advertisements. All that you do is rent out space on your web page. Google will plug in the most suitable ad, and if someone clicks on them, you get paid! What can be simpler?

Of course, the biggest factor is that you must be an avid reader and writer.

But that should come naturally if you know enough about a topic. No one is looking for a Nobel Laureate in Literature but for grammatically correct English that can be easily read, is engaging and fascinating. If you need guidance then the SeekaHost University has the perfect blogging course.


4.Stock Trading

You need a little bit of capital, at least a few 100 dollars ideally, and do a course in stock trading. But you could leverage it to earn over a hundred thousand quid a year by devoting at most 2-4 hours a day.

A 16-year-old turned £150 into £60000 last year. Surely you could do a lot more with a few thousand pounds, if you work out the system. How does it work?

You need a good head for numbers and learn about stock trading. There is no need to sign up for a course right away. There are plenty of free courses on YouTube, hundreds of free PDF e-books available too on sites like Investopedia. When you know all the basics, sign up for a course from a MOOC. Now try your hand at trading using stock market games. You could use the one that the London Stock Exchange hosts for free.

Also, it is essential to read the pink papers daily.

But you could access them on your smartphone on the way to work or uni.

After a lot of practice at simulation for 2-4 months, jump into the market. You should, by this time, know which stocks are over and undervalued. Next, open a Demat account with a broker. Most probably, your bank has a broking arm. You could liquidate all your holding in a day, hold them for a week, or a month. The best thing about stock trading is that it is immensely enjoyable if done right.


Online Side Hustles can become Full-Time Careers

There are many more – from trendy ones like a social media manager to complex businesses like dropshipping. With remote work becoming a reality, why not try your hand at a few of our suggested online jobs and find which one suits your attitude and goals?

Find more online opportunities reading our remote jobs guide.

And the beauty is many of these professions can simply be executed from home without even leaving your house as you can see in our work from home guide.

After all, nearly all of them need very little upfront investment. Of course, like any other line of work, you must have a passion and determination to succeed. But if it’s something you love to do every day, you are thrilled to get up to every morning, then you’ll make it work for you the way you want to.

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