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Learn English – Attend Top English Language Schools in London or Blog?

Are you trying to learn English?

In London, you can find some of the top English language schools for beginners as well as easy courses mainly for teenagers, students, and school leavers. However, we would also like to highlight how learning digital skills such as blogging can help to improve or learn English.

  1. International House LondonInternational House London

    The International House London is an English language school that has over 8,000 students from over 150 nationalities every year, they have English for life or study courses and have about 56 air-conditioned classes, they have areas for personal learning, library, computer area, and a cafe. They also offer English courses for teenagers in 5 locations, Ellesmere, Edinburgh, Moulton, Oxford, and Frensham. They have courses for young learners such as Discover English which costs about £915, Explore English which is about £995, Active English which is £895, English Plus which is also about £895 and many others.

  2. KKCLkkcl-english-logo

    Another language school in London that is among the top is KKCL which was founded in 2002 and they offer services for juniors, adults, and businesses. They have general English courses for about £276 per week, and it’s a beginner class. They also have a general English course plus TELC which is about £190 per week. They also have English courses of about £76 per week.

  3. The London School of EnglishLondon School of English logo

    Another top school in London is The London School of English, they have had over 100 years of experience. They also offer general English for adults who want to improve accuracy and fluency. They have their Intensive General Course for adults aged 18+ and General English 30+ which are for adults aged 30+, they also have Individual English Training which is for one on one personal training.

  4. St George International

    St George International has been teaching the English language in central London for almost 60 years. They have different English courses such as Standard English Course and many others.

  5. Edwards Language Schooledwards-language-school

    Edwards Language School is another top English language school in London. They help to develop students learning strategies and encourage them to be independent learners. They provide English courses for all levels, from elementary to proficiency, from short term to long term, one on one English tutoring and have courses to prepare you for IETLS and Cambridge examinations. They offer classes during the daytime, noon or evening.

Some other top English language schools for beginners in London are as follows:

  1. Language Studies International
  2. Speak up London
  3. Delfin English School
  4. Regent
  5. TELC UK

Alternative ways of learning English from wherever you are

You don’t only learn the English language through going to English schools, you can also gain mastery of the English language by taking some digital online courses which are available on Seekahost University such as SEO content writing, starting a blog and many others. By studying online courses such as digital marketing training you can improve your English vocabulary and reading skills by doing starting to work on your own written web content.

How to be a digital nomad

Blogging and web content writing can help to improve your English. Writing for a blog daily in English there is no way it would not improve on your English language. A blog is like an online diary or journal which can be found on a website.

Starting a blog is a good way of improving your English, unlike speaking blogging helps you to gather your thoughts in English before writing them down. The phrase practice makes perfect is essential here, because the more you practice the better you will become. What way to improve in English better than always blogging on your personal blog in the English language about something you love. Through blogging you can practice using vocabulary words and grammar rules correctly, you can also learn new vocabulary through writing on different topics and how to use them correctly.

For more information on online jobs and careers that you can build from initially starting a blog, check our make money online guide.

Naturally, you will get feedback on your writing through people commenting and this way you get to know where you are doing a good job and where there’s room for improvement.

You can also ask other bloggers for help and start networking; don’t be shy about it as they could give you a pointer or two. Find bloggers in your niche on our SeekaHost blog where we list some of the best bloggers worldwide. You can decide to write for yourself or clients and still learn and improve on your English language.

Learn English the way you want

English is an official language spoken around the world, in about 75 countries with a population of about two billion people. In this article, we have put together a list of some top English language schools in London where you can study the English language.

On top of that, we also encourage you to practice English by blogging or writing for the web, which can help to improve anyone’s English language skills, reading and editing also included, whether they’re a beginner or intermediate English speaker. This might be a more affordable option for many.

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